April-Hstyle-Sarah Pinson

This fashionista knows the definition of classy. Using the ultimate sophisticated color scheme of black, cream and tan to define a superior upscale look. – Sarah Pinson

April-Hstyle-Tracy Shy

This ultra chic hipster knows how to color coordinate; she ties in her boots with her scarf and tunic, and her leggings with her fedora. This stylish lady is the ultimate matchmaker! – Tracy Shy

April-Hstyle-Amy Vaughan

This fashionista works hard and dresses to the nine while doing it. Her poppy orange dress with black accents creates an irresistible pop factor, not to mention her killer legs! – Dr. Amy Vaughan

April-Hstyle-Taylor Elkins

Can we call Ralph Lauren for this super chic prepster? This girl made head-to-toe prep a trend by just walking down the sidewalk. Kelly green and bubble gum pink with white couldn’t possibly be paired any better. – Taylor Elkins

April-Hstyle-Jennifer Wheeler

This fashionista conquers color blocking details with bold patterns. I loved the yellow jacket as her pop of color choice! – Jennifer Wheeler

April-Hstyle-Kim Magner

This stylish lady knows how to take comfort chic to a night out. Pairing black skinny jeans with the ever-so-classic striped shirt and to die for booties! Can we talk about these booties for a second? I loved how the horizontal fringe tied right in with the horizontal stripes, perfect pairing. – Kim Magner

April-Hstyle-Anne Yon

This fashionista knows the three C’s: Clean, Crisp and Chic. I loved everything about the choices of color for this outfit. Gray tights with an ocher yellow skirt, paired with a white button down and a black vest, not to mention her peacock blue purse as a total unexpected accent color. Can we say the Color Choice Award goes to… – Anne Yon

April-Hstyle-Tracey Reynolds

This woman knows hows to be bold, tastefully! Yes, she is a repeat on the blog, but I can’t help it, when I notice a good outfit, it must be shared! I love the bold print jacket with engine red trim, and to top it off, how she pulls a complete engine red outfit underneath to match the trim. Perfect! – Tracey Reynolds

April-Hstyle-Melanie Gleason

This chica knows how to geometrically pull it together! And yes, she is a repeat to HStyle, but I think it’s important to show all different types of styles on here and this lady knows how to bring it all together. I loved how her sandals completed her look by complementing her tunic top with similar shapes and patterns. – Melanie Gleason

April-Hstyle-Brittany Mullins

This fashionista is a repeat too! Ah, I can’t help it when I see a good outfit. This girl pulled in the grays and whites with an accent of yellow. I adored how the bottom of the jeans faded into the same color as her booties. A flawless combination from head-to-toe. – Brittany Mullins


All images taken by myself. These are pictures of local Huntingtonians who have caught my eye. Yes, there will be repeats if I love an outfit, it’s not about the person who is wearing it, but solely based on the outfit. I like to take pictures of all ages to give others of all ages more ideas on how to put together pieces from their own wardrobe. Until next time.

Always be kind,


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