If your business is struggling to keep up in the social media world or has a presence but not seeing a return from your efforts, then we can help.

Erica’s expertise on social media has come in high demand to be learned by many. She enjoys teaching businesses how to navigate the Facebook Ads Systems and how to create strategic and tailored content for an effective daily posting schedule that will increase ROI and visibility for your business.

For more information on hiring Erica for an in-person presentation on her “Strategic Best Practices” with a Q&A, please inquire.


If you are an organization looking for an event guest speaker who can bring insight to others and have them leave inspired, then Erica is your go-to.

Erica’s background as a single mother working to attain her dreams can be an inspiration to many. During a speaking engagement, Erica shares her ups and downs on her road to being an entrepreneur. Sharing personal stories on what her life was like during the three years of working 14 hour long days to maintain her 9-5, hustling to grow her own business on the side, well as managing responsibilities that come with motherhood.

Erica will share the pros and cons to being your own boss, and she will talk about her faith system that guided her through the hard times and continues to do so today. Erica is a huge believer in creative visualization and the Law of Attraction, she will speak on the importance of having a good energy and being able to control your thoughts appropriately to attract what you want in life.  

If you are interested in booking Erica as a guest speaker, please send an email with an overview on context to schedule a 15 minute call.

Inquire below for more on pricing information. Please include a little bit about the company and the products/services in consideration for video marketing content.

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