Erica Deligne is a fashion/lifestyle blogger that began her venture in blogging in 2013 and now also runs her own digital media company, Delightfully Deligne, LLC. Erica has worked in the professional marketing industry for 10+ years. Her influencer status as a blogger crossed over easily into on-camera talent when she decided to start offering tailored video content for businesses and brands to use for digital marketing purposes.

“The hosting part of my job I love, because not everyone is comfortable on camera (which can be seen a mile away) and I like to calm those nerves and make people feel as though they are just having a conversation with me. This applies especially to videos that we have done for doctor’s offices that showcase a patient and highlight a procedure from their office being done,” said Erica.

Her onscreen talent and producing strategies provide businesses with professional grade commercials to use on all social media platforms. Other videos offered are “Lifestyle” videos that outline how Erica uses a specific product or service; however, these are limited because she must personally agree with what she promotes as part of her lifestyle routine. Other services such as social media consulting and guest speaking engagements at events are also within the list of services her company offers.

Erica’s life is an inspiration to many, but her focus is to especially inspire single mothers to never give up on their dreams. As a single mother, herself, Erica knows the daily mental struggles of overcoming self-limiting thoughts due to life’s circumstances. She wants single mothers to know that even though their road might seem more difficult than others, they are blessed by being taught strength and courage in a way others can’t relate or attain.

More About Erica

Her “main squeeze”, Noah, is her son who was born in 2007 and is the fuel for her drive and determination every day.

“I purposefully talk to my son openly about the dreams I have for myself, so that he, too, can know that he can create the life of his dreams. I tell him every day to follow his passions, because when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work. I remind him that you can’t just dream, there has to be a plan to execute, and with drive and determination you grind it out until literally you witness yourself manifesting the life of your dreams,” said Erica.

In the past, Erica used to question why she was only drawn to reading self-development books but now knows it was to prepare her mind to deliver inspiring content naturally.

“It truly is amazing how we can look back on life and start connecting the dots. Just recently I thought back to when I was 18 and opened up my first checking account, they asked me ‘What do you want your username to be?’ I responded with ‘EricaDelightful’ out of nowhere. I look back at that now and think…Wow, was it already preplanned from then?” said Deligne.

Erica is a huge advocate in the practice of meditation and symbolic spiritual guidance. Erica began meditation in 2005 and can confidently attribute her peace from within, patience and self-understanding of her eternal being to this meditative practice.  

Her main goal in life is to help others do the same by providing modern inspiration, radical humility and helping to shed more light on all things Delightful in our current world. Erica gives credit to the following authors for helping her to become the person she is today: Dalai Lama, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gary Vanyerchuk and Gabrielle Bernstein.

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