Erica’s goal is to create partnerships with brands and companies as a flat model/on-camera talent to increase flat visibility for breast cancer survivors in the fashion, beauty and television industries.  If your company or brand is looking to be more inclusive on its next campaign, then click below and email our team to create a meaningful partnership.



Are you a Brand whose product/style might align with Erica’s personal style?

Erica’s skills in creating effective content that showcases a brand and their mission statement comes naturally from her 10+ years as a leading digital marketing and public relations professional. Erica likes to work with brands that care about sustainability and support a cause. Her mission is to work with brands in any capacity to help increase flat visibility and breast cancer awareness in fashion. Below are a few packaged options for brands to choose from, or a tailored package can be created based off campaign needs and guidelines. 

Social Media Packages


Just interested in a lifestyle video showcasing your products highest impact?

No problem, because that’s an option too. Everyone needs more videos that are produced strategically to keep audiences captivated.


For more information on pricing please email

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