Spirit defines me, not my body.

Breast Cancer Survivor  |  Flat Advocate-Influencer  |  Style Expert  | On-Camera Talent 


“Our Spirit outlines our beauty to others. Love yourself first and build confidence in your abilities because whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” -Erica Deligne

Work With Erica

Brand Influence

Erica’s goal is to create partnerships with brands and companies as a flat model/on-camera talent to increase flat visibility for breast cancer survivors in the fashion, beauty and television industries.  If your company or brand is looking to be more inclusive on its next campaign, then let’s work together!

Style Sessions

Whether it’s for a photo shoot or just to spruce up your own wardrobe, Erica offers styling sessions for each client’s needs. Her expertise comes from her many years of working in retail as a brand manager in her early 20’s to reviewing designer’s new collections on the runways in her early 30s.  Her eye for color and print combinations is impeccable. Her goal is to leave you feeling inspired to think outside the box with your own wardrobe.

Digital Media Marketing

Erica and her team create video marketing content designed for Instagram and Facebook platforms. The DD team produces videos that engage consumers with relatable content which creates an emotional tie-in, while also showcasing the highest impact of a business’s productor service. Be progressive with your marketing efforts and stand out in the digital world with video marketing.


Guest Speaking at a Live Event: If you are an organization looking for an event guest speaker who can bring insight to others and have them leaving inspired, then Erica is your go-to.

The Blog

A blog where all things are Delightful.

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The Supplement Scoop- Episode 1 (links)

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