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All images by Courthead Does Photography, Courtney Christian


Bella Dahl jogger pants @Village Collection or here    l    Gypsy shirt @Village Collection    l    Patrizia Luca blazer @Village Collection or here    l    Seychelles two-strap sandal @Village Collection    l    Foley and Corinna purse @Village Collection or here    l    Vanessa Mooney earrings @Village Collection or here (rose gold)

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There are so many styles and trends that are coming into fruition since warmer weather has arrived. The jogger pant is a unique fit, but for some they take getting used to. If you are not used to wearing pants where the crotch inseam sits lower and more baggy, then it may take a couple of good looks to sway your opinion to a positive one. However, once done, you will find the jogger pant to be the most comfortable pair of pants you own.

What’s great about the jogger pant is that it looks great with a heel, and gives the illusion of effortless chic due to the fit. This pair I have on is by Bella Dahl, the sheer back blazer is by Patrizia Luca, the top is by Gypsy, and the purse is by Foley and Corinna. When shopping next time give the jogger pant a try and if you have trouble creating an outfit feel free to email me. Keep in mind that jogger pants look great with a pump or an ankle wrap heel. Until next time.

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