Hannah Miller

This fashionista knows how to sport a romper the proper way; wearing key accessories such as the wide brim fedora and the gladiator sandal to complete her ultra chic look. — Hannah Miller

Tracy Shy

This stylish lady knows a neutral state is always best! Neutrals are essential to a great summer wardrobe. This fashionista always stays on point, and just happens to be a repeat to the Hstyle blog as well! And, I love her choice of trimmed black ballet flats. — Tracy Shy

Louise Chapman 2

This stylish woman knows her accessories! I love it when I see jewelry completing a look. This woman spiced up her (otherwise basic) chiffon top by adding a gold statement necklace and matching earrings. — Louise Chapman

Neisha Brown

Trend Alert! There is no doubt about which decade gave this fashionista inspiration, that’s right, the glamorous 70’s. Creating a retro chic look with a mixed pattern summer dress and a simple chambray shirt. Also a repeat to the blog, but always staying on trend! — Neisha Brown

Carley Landers

This little cutie will always be a little fashionista, because her mother, Denise Landers, is always a fashionista herself. Little Carley pulls all the right items together to create a fun, spunky girl look (or should I say Denise, lol). — Carley Landers

Miranda Rule

This fashionista knows her colors. Pulling a chic conservative look together with a romper and a cardigan to match. The light sea breeze blue was the perfect choice of color to pull out of the romper, which also complements her skin tone. — Miranda Rule

Mary Kelley

This working lady knows how to keep it conservative, yet still fun at the workplace. Playing around in an all black look with eye-catching caged heels. Can we say, “Meeoow.” — Mary Kelley

Tia Szendi-Horvath

This fashionista reminded me of a sexy geisha doll. I had to have her pic! I loved everything about her dress: color, print, bold outline of black, and her waist-cinching belt. This woman is always creative in her style, and I know that she will be a repeat on the blog very soon. — Tia Szendi-Horvath

Nicole Lawrence

A natural beauty this one is…pulling together an effortless chic look that says ‘eclectic style’ from head to toe. — Nicole Lawrence

Erica Deligne

NOW THIS FASHIONISTA, she knows! (No really, I’m kidding lol.) I just threw myself in here so I could have a total of 10. 🙂

These are all local Huntingtonians who have caught my eye, either by how they have styled their looks or by their efforts to match and pull things together. In Huntington, everyone has a style. Everyone’s style and preferences may be different, but that’s what the beauty of style is– it is defined by you. I hope next month I come across more stylish locals, very thankful for these beauties above! Until next month.

Always be kind,


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