One of the best tricks for a great stylist is knowing your complementary colors. The definition of complementary colors according to Google, are pairs of colors which, when combined, cancel each other out. This means that when combined, they produce a grey-scale color like white or black. When placed next to each other, they create the strongest contrast for those particular two colors. Knowing which colors can accent each other the best will definitely set the bar for a great outfit. Such as when you see bubble gum pink paired with kelly-green– it pops—and attracts the eye. Same with a rustic poppy-red paired with a navy, and a deep purple with a bright yellow.

There are complementary colors, split complementary colors and harmonious colors. I know, it seems daunting to the unknown, but in all honesty, it’s really quite simple. Take a look at the charts below. Analogous colors, which means the same as harmonious colors, are any three colors which are side by side on a 12 part color wheel, such as yellowgreen, yellow, and yellow-orange. Usually one of the three colors predominates. When creating an all over monochromatic look, knowing harmonious colors is huge, because you take the predominate color choice and play with the three shaded spectrum for color variations. For example, if you want to achieve a blue monochromatic look, pair a light blue bottom with a navy blue top or with other blue variations within the three colors side by side from your predominate color. Another example, a red monochromatic look, pair a marooned or cranberry bottom with a bubble gum pink or begonia color top.

complementary colors Complementary harmonious









Complementary splits

Now that we have covered color spectrum, let’s talk about duster coats! This is the ultimate layering item for FW15. It adds a tailored menswear appeal and creates an instant posh look to a basic outfit. This Waverly Grey duster coat is my fav because of the length and color. The color can be paired with almost anything and the length hits about the same as the iconic trench coat. The difference between duster coats and trench coats are the fabrics. Generally most duster coats will be very light weight and the material will flow effortlessly, hence “duster” coat. This outfit was truly inspired by Mary Tyler Moore, a look she wore on an episode of the TV show. The 70’s may be a decade in the past, but the inspiration it has left behind has come to life x10 and is one of 2015 hottest trends.

Good luck to you in creating your perfect complementary color combos! Until next time.

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All items can be bought from Village Collection boutique by calling 304-525-2204. Give code DD10 for a 10% discount. They ship anywhere!

Waverly Grey coat   /   Matison Stone skirt   /   Katherine Barclay mock neck s/l top   /   Jeffrey Campbell boots   /   Jenny Bird bracelet   /   Foley + Corinna purse

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