As we all know the Fall season is one of the most anticipated seasons by most women, but especially, in the fashion world. Layers are everything in making a more creative appeal. So here is what I’ve gathered from all the trends and tips that you can incorporate into your current wardrobe and help you stay up-to-date with current style trends:

  1. You have to have a chic bomber jacket. Whether it’s leather or a print, you need one. I really dig this brand out of New York called, Jakett, which is who made the vegan leather bomber I’m wearing in the pics below. Its utility details makes it so much more than the regular bomber, leaving you with more options in ways to wear it.
  2. The choker necklace. Yes, I know ladies. Not all of us are thrilled about this, especially if you have a short neck, but they do make the choker necklace both thick and thin, so if you fall short in the neck department, definitely purchase the thinner version.
  3. The plaid jacket or an artistic fur (or my preference faux fur) coat, and by that I mean a fur coat with a pattern or print detail (not just your basic solid fur coat). For myself, I’m really digging the plaid overcoats. It’s something that is not over the top and you can wear with more things. Even a plaid suit jacket will do.
  4. A mock-neck, long-sleeve body suit. I would suggest buying one of each in all the basic foundation colors (cream, black and brown) as you will need these to wear under your dresses. This was a huge trend on many of the FW16 Ready-to-Wear Runway shows, and honestly, it just makes sense. You get more wear out of your dresses and it creates another layer. Just make sure the dresses that you wear carry darker hues, and NO tropical or summery prints!
  5. A loafer shoe. I know there are some of you out there who have been fighting this trend, but I’m telling you, once you buy a pair you will love them and so will other people. People gravitate to the clean, posh appeal and really notice them. I know you probably think “That’s just not my style”, but at the end of the day, it really is a very chic way to add a twist onto the “everyday” typical outfit. Village Collection has an awesome Matt Bernson loafer called the “Cooper” in-stock now.

I love this MINKPINK “Skivvy” dress because it incorporates a lot of the hot colors for fall together, such as the baby blue, coppertone and rust with black (which creates a pop factor). More colors that are “in” for fall: spicy mustard, mellow blue, navy, baby blue (especially paired with gray), burgundy, dark chocolate, scarlet red and olive. Hope some of these tips help, I will be posting some more soon! (Stay tuned to my Instagram feed for my picks of the must-haves).

Until next time, always be kind.



Jakett view all products here (visit in a couple of weeks for the launch of their new Fall line, really exciting stuff!!)   /   MINKPINK dress @Village Collection (304-525-2204) or here   /   Same Edelman bootie @Village Collection (304-5525-2204) or here   /   Kendra Scott bracelet @Village Collection (304-525-2204) or here

All photos by Courtney Christian, Courthead Does Photography.

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