Thinking about trying out the OTK boot trend? Well, there are a few tips to keep in mind when pairing the ultra hot statement of the season. 

It’s important to take into consideration your height and frame. Especially for more petite people, DO keep your skirt to a mini length, because if there isn’t enough space in between the hemline and the top of the boot, it can actually make you appear much smaller, and even frumpy. Almost like your being swallowed by your boots instead of lengthening your legs. *Your outfit should be fitted and tailored, with tops and blazers to hit at your waist, especially for a more petite person, your goal is to accentuate your waist to lengthen your legs.

However, if height is your friend then you have more room to play. You could pair a knee length pencil skirt with OTK boots, especially one with a slit to show where the boot begins. This adds a nice sexy touch as well, but nothing too much, which is crucial. (Over sexy is overkill.) This 360 Cashmere dress I’m wearing here is the perfect example of work length appropriate, showing off just a little leg on the sides to where you can see the tops of the black OTK SOL SANA boots. (PS this dress is racerback and is amazing for a night out as well.) DO pair OTK boots with shorter sweater dresses and tunics. Feel free to layer with another coat or vest as well. If you’re not wearing tights, I suggest that you keep most of yourself covered up top to avoid looking like a hooker. DON’T wear OTK boots with a mini bandage dress and especially without a jacket–it screams Pretty Woman hooker, and trust me Julia would not approve, lol. 

When pairing OTK boots with skinnies or leggings, this top rule should always apply, DON’T wear sweaters or tops that hang very far below your waist. Nothing kills me more than seeing an outfit that has OTK boots paired with jeans and a sweater that is almost 3 inches away from the top of the boot. For what?! Now if you’re super tall maybe you could pull it off in some fashion, but for the average person, DO keep your tops shorter in the front, they should be no longer than 3 to 4 inches from your waist line. You can always pair a longer open front or hi-low cardigan to cover your back side, like I did here pairing the Joie cardigan over the sweater dress, keeping it all in neutral shades. But please, DO always leave a decent amount of your skinny jeans or leggings to be shown when wearing OTK boots. 

Hope these tips help in some fashion and you rock out the OTK boot!

Until next time, always be kind.

Erica xx

ALL IMAGES: COURTNEY CHRISTIAN of Courthead Does Photography

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