There are multiple ways to elevate an everyday look, but nothing makes it easier than a great statement necklace. And most times, the shinier the better. No one wants to see a big slap of coal around the neck, hence try to stay away from big pieces of black jewelry (it never really turns out the way you think it will). People want to see sparkle- think “eye-catching” rather than just a large piece of jewelry. Anything that creates a pop factor is key. Whether it be an additional color or going bold in silver or gold, this one piece of jewelry can elevate an entire look. 

In this look, I’m wearing a pair of J. Brand skinny jeans with an Equipment blouse and Drew Clothing blazer. I love the details on the blouse with the blazer, but sometimes the small details on the fabric is just not enough. A little elevation is needed…

So, when you look into the mirror after putting an outfit on and you notice a dull space that needs to be filled (and more than likely this dullness is not doing anything favorable for the color of your face either) a statement necklace is your answer. And by “statement” I mean a larger necklace that consumes space with bold colors or oversized metals, such as gold or silver. This Kendra Scott “Harlow” statement necklace was the exclamation point I needed to complete this look. And trust me, it’s even prettier in person 🙂

Now granted, when you step up the accessories, everything else has to fall into place. Which means “flow” together. You never want to wear big on big, so choose stud earrings when pairing with a statement necklace. I kept all my other accessories to a minimal, pairing it with pearl studs by Sugar Bean and a Jenny Bird bracelet. This bracelet is the ultimate silver bracelet to own, the delicate chains are the perfect touch to making it much more than just another ordinary bracelet. Hope this blog helps you in some fashion to pair a statement piece of your own. TIP: When pairing jewelry with a statement necklace, keep it minimal, the necklace should be your focal point.

Until next time, always be kind.

Erica xx

ALL IMAGES: COURTNEY CHRISTIAN of Courthead Does Photography

SHOP THE LOOK below images This is what I look like when a pigeon flies past my head, haha 🙂


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