There is no doubt style trends favor relaxation.

Who says you always have to dress things up just because it’s a dressier item? Fashion these days is all about breaking the rules, it’s become a state of mind where no border exists from right or wrong. Style has become the primary focus. Meaning, designers continue to make relevant updates to staple piece items, but the focus is primarily on what’s paired together to create a unique look. 

There is one particular style that has really taken off, one which I refer to as ‘Breaking the Mold’, a more relaxed approach on how to wear work attire and dresses. For example, it’s totally acceptable to pair a graphic t-shirt with a metallic midi skirt and a suit jacket or a relaxed trouser pant with flat sandals or slides. And who would have thought that a basic t-shirt or blouse would look so great underneath a slip dress? Yet, it does.

Bottom line, just because it’s a dressier item doesn’t mean you always have to wear heels or pair it in a fashion that meets the “standard” expectation. Be bold and think outside of the box. This interpretation to fashion can expand your wardrobe tremendously. 

Here I have paired a chambray bomber and a Nicole Miller dress with some Madden Girl flats. These sandals are only $49! The quality is top notch and they are even more comfortable than Birkenstocks. I can honestly say that I am purchasing a third pair. Oh, and not to forget the uniquely braided necklace by Johnny Was, which helped to tie it all together. Little accessories like this really increase the ‘relaxed’ vibe.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Looking forward to Friday, I’m gonna have dinner and drinks with my girls, it’s been way too long since our last “girls” night. Until next time.

Always be kind,

Erica xx



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