The month of June was practically a blur to me. So many ups and downs along with new transitions after my recent break-up. I’ve been suffering from writers block the past two weeks, because I can’t write about what’s really on my mind. I guess out of respect to my ex-fiance, the timing just isn’t right.

But all I can say is this, always surround yourself with people who embrace you and support your passions. Never settle for less than what you think you deserve. It is never too late to change your life in order for more positive energy to flow into it. I did, and so far I can’t complain.

When I moved into my new place, I knew I wanted neutral walls with pops of color within the decor. I believe color releases positive energy in us all. I know it resonates within my soul as something good. So when I first saw this Scotch and Soda dress, I was in awe over the color intensity and knew immediately I wanted to pair it with a pair of white jeans to make it pop even more. 

Thankfully, this dress is a button up dress, which allows versatility. What are the many options on how to wear it? Unbuttoned and left opened with white jeans and a black tank, as a bathing suit coverup, or as a dress with the option of a belt, and last, but not least, how I have styled it here…

I unbuttoned the dress up to my hips and tucked in a portion of the front to show the jeans. I layered it with another Scotch and Soda shirt that mixed well with it’s all over text in multiple colors. It’s always fun letting your personality show through what you’re wearing. All of the colors made me happy, and that’s the most important thing. Until next time.

Always be kind,

Erica xx 


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Scotch and Soda shirt

Scotch and Soda dress

J. Brand jeans

GiGi New York crossbody


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