Well, guys, it’s (almost) that most wonderful time of the year again! What is it about November and December that seems to go by in warp speed? And while most go straight from the Halloween decor to everything holly and jolly I wanted to spotlight one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving.

While we know that this holiday is synonymous with lots of food and time with our families that doesn’t mean that we can’t sneak a little fashion into the festivities as well. Thanksgiving is really fun but it can also be stressful if you are the one preparing the big feast, attending more than one event, or just trying not to fall into a turkey coma. The last thing you want to be worried about is what you are going to wear. To save you some frustration down the line below are six items  covers a variety of outfits that pair great for the big feasting day, so all you have to worry about is stuffing or mashed potatoes 🙂

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1.) Leggings are your friend. The unspoken hero of the holiday season! Where to begin? You can wear them with a chunky oversized sweater, a tunic and blanket scarf, or a t-shirt with a tailored blazer- the possibilities are endless. My personal favorite to wear are Spanx. Not only do they come in multiple styles and colors (moto, faux leather, camo, etc) but the band at the top has major tummy control. Another great feature is that they hold up after multiple wears and washes, which is why they are worth it. These are the real deal!

2.) Sweater dresses are a great option. These are perfect if you want to go a little more dressy. There are some form-fitting options but I actually love ones that are slightly roomier (you can go back for seconds!) paired with a sleek pair of over-the-knee boots or a cute pair of patterned tights and booties. There are so many perfect fall color options available too, such as burgundy, camel, hunter green, and mustard.

3.) Oversized cardigan or poncho. Oversized clothing is having a big moment in fashion right now. You can’t open up your Instagram or a fashion magazine without seeing oversized cardigans or ponchos. My personal favorites right now are boldly striped cardigans and a classic plaid poncho that never goes out of style. I love these pieces because they can be dressed up or down, worn over a dress, with a turtleneck and skinny jeans, a denim shirt, or even a leather mini. The key to balancing these pieces is keeping the layers underneath more simple and sleek.

4.) Flats are where it’s at. The holidays are a blur of running from place to place, whipping things up in the kitchen, chasing after kids, and trying to keep everything on schedule. I’m a big fan of a great high heel or boot but there are other options for staying chic this Thanksgiving too. Slide on loafers with fur, flats with ladylike bows, or even sneakers. Sneakers are being shown on runways all over with casual outfits, dresses, and other more formal options. I’m a fan of some versatile flats because you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

5.) Jumpsuits. It’s no secret that I love a good jumpsuit. I appreciate their versatility and how easy they are to accessorize. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to break one of these out because most are designed with an elastic or more stretchy waist. You could pair them with a jean jacket and some flats/sneakers or a leather jacket with a pair of heels. Either way, you won’t have to worry about the dreaded “food baby” showing when you’re wearing one of these!

6.) Sweater weather. It would be careless of me if I didn’t mention the true MVP of any cute fall look: sweaters. For Thanksgiving, specifically, I really like a cropped sweater over a dress, a chunky sweater with a nice flowy skirt, or the classic pullover sweater with a pair of skinny jeans. Wearing sweaters with different textures such as chenille, cable knit, fur, mohair, or cashmere are bonus points in my book.

Until next time, always be kind.
Erica xx

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