NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 5, 2019— Showcasing its Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Blancore, the New York-based contemporary brand retailing worldwide, made its New York Fashion Week debut on September 5th at Spring Studios in the heart of Manhattan.

New York fashion icon Olivia Palermo sat front row with Blancore CEO Linfei Deng in a beige faux leather trench from the brands AW19 collection.

Marie Claire China publisher Xiaodong Zhang, also in attendance, said of the show “This is a very sophisticated, well-developed collection for such a young brand, I look forward to seeing how they will grow.”

Blancore’s inspiration for SS20 is “water” in all its life-forms. Hauntingly mysterious music heralded a breathtaking opening sequence, three performers in white bodysuits appeared through the haze as lighting effects created a rippling blue pool in the middle of the runway.

“Water can be ubiquitous and ethereal, vanishing without a trace,” Yalan, Creative Director of Blancore, explained.

“When becoming mist and cloud, it says: you can reach me, but do not dominate me. When becoming a drop of rain or a vast ocean, it says: you can feel me, but do not define me. When becoming snow and frost, it says: I have more forms beyond your imagination.”

Blancore believes water defines the existence of every creature, infusing everything in every realm with vitality, representing limitless possibility everywhere.

Yalan was born to a family that had always cherished and prioritized fabrics and clothing. From a young age, she kept a close eye on the fashion kingdom her father had forged. Creating a brand, in fact, was already Yalan’s dream at the age of seven. Growing up in the fashion industry, surrounded by its complexities, intricacies, and rewards, Yalan was focused and particular from the start in her quest to identify a brand that could make her heart blossom. Her studies with American scholars and her passionate pursuit of art and art history inspired Yalan to establish a brand in the United States rather than participate in the management of the family business.

Thus Blancore was born.

Exceptionally skilled at sourcing inspiration from her own experiences and her perceptions of life’s details, Yalan and her line integrate business-management acumen with a sensitive feel for contemporary design. Graduated from Ohio State University, the young founder combined American style and minimalism with elegantly fine French “deconstruction,” applying both these conceits to her design creations, producing a beautiful and alluring “second skin” for men and women.

Forget the Boundaries. 

Blancore designs each of its creations for individuals who are confident in themselves, positive about existence, willing to explore all dimensions and possibilities in life. The SS20 show acted on this mandate, with a truly diverse cast of models, featuring a gender fluid model in the opening and one of several models of color closing the show.

Needless to say, Blancore’s debut at New York Fashion Week was a huge success. I left the show with inspiration to incorporate more “deconstruction” and monochromatic looks into my own wardrobe. Thank you Blancore for an amazing show.

Below are some of my favorite looks from the SS20 Collection to view more looks visit Blancore. Until next time…

Always be kind,

Erica xx

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