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This look represents the more sophisticated woman who enjoys adding an unexpected factor into her look. The structured blazer and asymmetrical skirt tell a story of class, while the sloppy tee and booties throw it in gear for a surprise ultra chic edge. Like this photo? Like our page to see more! Like this photo? Like our page to see more!sloppy_edited2sloppy back_edited

Sisters tee by Wildfox, sold out, similar  / Black leather lapel blazer by Express,  similar  /  BCBG Max Azria wrap around skirt, here or similar knotted asymmetrical skirt by Helmut Lang  /  Linea Pelle “Dylan” purse, same but without gold details, here  /  Black aviators, similar


This second look portrays the more daring and flirty woman, who uses little to no effort to achieve casual chic. 

sloppy 2_editedSloppy chic_edited


 Sisters T-Shirt by Wildfox, sold out, similar  /  BCBG Generation pleated A-Line skirt, similar here in black or similar in cranberry available at Village Collection boutique, call 304-525-2204, they ship anywhere (use code DD10 for 10% off)  /  Black knee high socks here  /  Black INC pumps here  /  Wildfox aviators here  /  La Mer watch, call Village Collection boutique, call 304-525-2204, they ship anywhere (use code DD10 for 10% off) 



We all feel the need to have sloppy days. Whether it’s the unfitted tee shirt or sweatpants, it is your own personal discretion. For me, sloppy is an unfitted tee. I rarely wear graphic tees, but Wildfox is the exception because I love the messages their tops relay. This tee defines the meaning of sisterhood, on the back it reads,

“She will be my inspiration, She will be my enemy, She will be incredibly hilarious, She will sometimes have a few too many, but no matter what, She will always be my sister.” 

This is true. Now, I only have one true sister and she means the world to me, but I would consider a couple of my closest friends just as true. My sister and I are two very different people, but I’m thankful for having her as a sibling while growing up and later learning from her mistakes and wisdom. We didn’t always get along growing up, in fact we more or less despised one another in our early teen years, but now, we are both in our thirties and know we always have each other to rely on. But, since we are two totally different people, we don’t necessarily like to do the same things.

That’s why over the years you learn to see your friends as family- but not all of them. For me, I have had friends to come and go, and it is with age that you learn friendship isn’t about quantity, but quality. The friends that love you no matter what and who are happy for you when you succeed at anything = a good friend. Only with age you learn which of your friends actually represent an exceptional friendship and they become more like your family. Granted, that number shouldn’t be very big, a handful at the most.

I have few sisters who I care for dearly and would do anything for. To me, they have earned that by being there for me over the years. The sisters are the ones who are there for you, who show support and not jealousy, who are reliable, who listen without judgment and give advice without gaining something- these are sisters. So keep them close, even if it is just a phone call every so often; true friendship can pick up right where you left off at. 

 So here are a few of my sisters and more…

Ashley and Denise

Two amazing women who I was blessed to cross paths with many years ago. So many memories and triumphs behind us, and many more that lie ahead of us. Love these ladies, always. From left to right: Ashley Morrison, Me, Denise Landers

Alicia Deligne

My wonderful son, Noah, celebrating his 8th birthday with my true sister, Alicia Deligne. A beautiful person inside and out, who is always so giving. Sometimes, I have to remind her to put herself first. So thankful for her! Love you Alicia with all of my heart.

Katrina Mailloux

A wonderful soul and good friend, Katrina Mailloux. We may not get to see each other a lot, but we are always there for each other.  And yes, she happens to be incredibly fit too, which always inspires me.

Holli Myers

My dear friend, Holli Myers, always a joy to be around. She has one of those infectious laughs that just makes you smile because its so genuine 🙂

Maria Khan, little B

My longest friend, Maria Khan. We’ve been through all the ups and downs since the 9th grade. We have learned that a great friendship lasts only with effort. I will always love this girl and her beautiful family.


And granted, I know the next one isn’t a female, but he is truly one of my greatest friends and consider him to be the brother I never had. 

Brother from another mother

My brother from another mother, Torrence Hyman.


And lastly- but certainly not least- my one and only, Thomas Schindler 🙂 He is more than a best friend, yet a partner who I get to experience the daily joys of life with. He knows me inside and out. A true one-of-a-kind love that started as a friendship six years before dating- sometimes timing truly is, everything


My honey badger <3 Thomas Schindler



Until next time.

Always be kind,


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