The progression of life is a hard thing to swallow.  Adjusting to change is one thing, but looking at the end of life is another. I don’t think nowadays people plan for living into their 90’s. (Sad news is, the likelihood of it happening is much higher these days.) We are so stuck on buying newer and better things, that we don’t really stop to think about how we hope to be living as an elderly. I’m guilty as charged too, but my eyes are opening up. Of course, I like the new trends and want the new things, its my passion! But I’m starting to ask myself, ‘Is it worth it?’ 

And let’s be clear, right now I ask myself that question when making purchases, but then I continue to make the purchase, and then feel guilty later. BUT, at some point you have to stop and think about how comfortable you want your life to be if you live to be 80+. I’m all about lively freely and indulging, but I don’t want to be stuck in a nursing home because my ass never planned for retirement. So, choices have to be made.

I visited my Great Uncle Paul this passed weekend, who is 94 and served in World War 2, and as he told me stories about having to have a ticket stub in order to buy shoes during those years of war, I clearly felt more guilty about my spending habits. (What is wrong with me? People are starving in third world countries.) At that moment, I realized less is more and wiser decisions are valued later in life. Kudos to you if you already have a retirement/savings plan in place. That’s awesome. For those of you who are on the low end of the totem pole like me on this, lets vow to position ourselves “wisely” for enjoyment of life in all the years to come.

Remember, you can still have your cake and cookie too. Live freely, buy a few things here and there–and most importantly–enjoy the present moment, but always be wise enough to plan ahead. This Equipment blouse is one of my favorites and it reminded me of simply that, ‘To live freely and wisely, at the same time.’ Until next time.

Always be kind,

Erica xx 


Blouse   /   Blazer   /   Jeans   /   Shoes   /   Purse   /   Earrings   /   Ring

All images by Courtney Christian, Courthead Does Photography




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