As I continue this journey we call life, I can’t help but to stop and look back at my path and evaluate the moments that have lead me to where I am today. I was graced by God to have a child at a young age of 24. I’ll be honest, it was difficult because I didn’t have any friends that I could relate to with the same responsibilities. After my two-year marriage ended, I found myself lost. Raising a child full-time while working full-time is no easy task. Not to mention the dating scene at age 26. I now carried the title of “divorced and has a two-year-old” which was just awkward. Maybe I made it that way in my head, but I’ve always felt like the guys my age were never mature enough to even be okay with the idea of being with someone who had a kid. I’ve always felt that I’ve had to date older in order for someone to be more accepting of me and my son. Sad, but true. 

Now, at age 34, I couldn’t be any more pleased with my journey and the obstacles I’ve faced. I’ve learned so much, and there is nothing better than your own experiences to learn from. I haven’t had the best of luck with relationships, but I do know that I don’t feel like I have to date older anymore. I’ve learned that I really enjoy just being with me, myself and I. Simply being on my own without any pending approvals on anything I do. The freedom to do what I want when I want is very liberating. 

The dating scene isn’t as hard in your 30’s with a 10-year-old child. It can sometimes shock a younger man when I say that I have a 10-year-old, and the look is generally pretty priceless; almost comical, actually. I can say that easily now because I simply just care don’t care. I’m at an age and a place in life where I know who I am and live and do what’s best for me. And that my friends comes only with age and having a firm solidity within yourself. 

I can now look back at having my son at an early age as a blessing in disguise. I didn’t see it at the time, but now it just overwhelms me thinking about how blessed I am to have had him when I did. Because if not, I don’t know if I would have missed my chance to experience what having a child is like. I don’t see myself having any more, but I can confidently look back and appreciate God’s plan. It was meant for me to have one special gentleman, who is going to hate me when he starts dating girls. I’m kidding, I won’t be that bad. But I can’t wait until he is of an age where we can plan trips as adults and appreciate new traveling experiences together with friends.   

I have learned that life is truly what you make it out to be and everyone has their own journey that should be respected. But I think the most important key to life thus far, is having a relationship with yourself first. To love yourself and know what’s best for you on your chosen path. And if someone happens to have a landing page during your journey and they make you smile, then keep them with you. Because nothing beats great company that makes you laugh like your friends do, #period. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I spent mine with the flu and I’m still on the mend. I’m sending prayers out to all the seniors and young ones who have had to endure it, it’s seriously no joke. 

Have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make some healthy resolutions that better yourself 🙂  Until next time.

Always be kind,

Erica xx


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