Honesty, a character trait that each and every one of us has, yet the value placed on it varies on an individual basis. There are people in this world who will lie, cheat and steal as if it is second nature, these people lack virtues. A deficit of integrity and the inability to be whole, lacking solidarity and unification through life’s interactions.

Personally, I believe that a word is bond. Whether you give your word or choose the wrong words, they become our identity. This is why the phrases “choose your words wisely” and “word is bond” resonates with all. I’m sure right now I can think of at least five scenarios of when I’ve chosen the wrong words and suffered regret afterward, all of us can; or when we commit just to become uncommitted to an event. We are all human and mistakes can sometimes seem like second nature, but it’s how we deal and cope with what we know is wrong that defines our integrity.

Some people compartmentalize their life so much they start to believe they can do and act different ways depending on what mode they are in. Granted, there are standards for everything. But it becomes a problem when a person’s ego blinds them to believe that negative behaviors such as lying, being overly aggressive or controlling, deceitful or even stealing for personal gains are justifiable without consideration of the people who are affected.

Life can be compartmentalized, in fact, for some it is necessary, but there can only be very thin lines allowed. Transparency is the key factor in order to prevent a person’s character from being divided between the different modes of life such as work, social and domestic. When the ego begins to self-justify negative actions without empathy, a disease sets in on the soul. For an example, a partner who continues to cheat or be abusive in the “home” compartment, but then exudes kindness to all others is divided by the ego and life’s moral compass.

I truly believe that one only succeeds in life with placing a high value on these three components: integrity, empathy, and patience. In my own personal opinion, there is nothing of greater value than being able to have a good self-awareness and conscience. Having a clear perception of your personality, thoughts/beliefs, and what motivates you is beyond the utmost importance. I can’t even explain with words to describe the value of it. Having a solid interpretation of your character allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment.

Being a good listener to your soul is the essence of life. It is in the small, little things, like being at peace with your decisions and actions and being truly happy with yourself is what makes this life experience pure bliss. Never let yourself become divided into despair, stay solid to your character and don’t fall into insecurities that create a false identity. Treat everyone that you encounter on a daily basis with the same level of respect and kindness. This is what it means to have a good character. When you conquer these things happiness will undoubtedly be achieved, which is by far the most important thing in the world. You get back what you put out (write that down).  

Until next time, always be kind.

Erica xx




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