All too often we tend to put ourselves as the last priority -when really- we should be loving ourselves a little more. Something that designer, YUNA YANG, understands. Whether it be catering to your significant other, family, work or too much effort spent in searching for that hopeful soulmate, it is all backward. We have to put ourselves first in order to successfully help and love others properly. The ability to feel confident enough to ask for what you feel that you deserve, and more importantly, to feel whole all within yourself.

Loving yourself is taking on the responsibility of keeping yourself healthy and happy, an obligation worth taking seriously if you want to get the most out of life. 

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW), I took moments while riding in cabs and Ubers to reflect back to when I started this blog. The dreadful days of trying to set up a website all on my own and my son being the only camera man around (haha, he will still take a good ootd pic for me- perfect height for it too). To present day, having seat assignments for shows and fittings for designers during NYFW. None of this would have happened if I didn’t follow my heart and love myself enough to believe in my abilities, which is why I was so eager to see the YUNA YANG (YY) FW18 Collection titled, “Love Yourself”.  As a second time attendee, I knew to expect an elegant venue, and I was not disappointed. (Read my previous coverage from her SS18 “Save the Earth” Collection here.)

Immediately as I walked in I hear a live Jazz band and was greeted by a friendly lady to make sure my name was on the list. Another sweet lady took my coat and checked it in for me (which was clutch, because these shows get hot) and then another woman politely guided me to my assigned seat. Nice gestures all around by everyone during the entire event.  

As I was seated, I was handed a brochure for the “Love Yourself” FW18 Collection and in it was a quote by Dodinsky that resonated with me deeply. “You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you.” A reminder that we should all be nourishing and empowering our own soul first. Happiness is being whole all by yourself, not being dependent on others to provide you joy.

What I found most inspiring about the YY FW18 Collection was how it spoke to you with empowering messages.

Yuna Yang collaborated with Atelier Notify in Bergdorf Goodman to create beautiful customized embroidered pieces: embroidered ‘Love Yourself’ with Swarovski crystals on the back of the YUNA YANG signature sweatshirt, studded ‘Love’ on the sleeve of a chic purple wool jacket, and white flowers embroidered on a pair of orange flared pants and on the luxurious blue wool coat. The fashion trend of making statements on clothing with empowering messages, especially for females, isn’t changing anytime soon.

The Fall/Winter 2018 Ready-To-Wear collection brought an array of reinvented signature styles by mixing soft and tough materials like her signature lace with leather, floral print silk with wool and added rib knit for a sporty chic touch. The intricately laced details on trench coats, sweaters and blouses added a feminine touch to the oversized pieces. YUNA YANG’s designs are clever and unexpected; pulling creativity from the modern woman, feminine fabrics, colors and a hint of street style influence.    
The YUNA YANG Collection is a high-end womenswear brand that is proudly designed and made in Manhattan, NY and believes in fashion as a voice in the current social movements around the world. The brand is inspired by the colors, textures and narratives in fine art combined with thoughtful details and a unique Eastern perspective on Western aesthetics. It is always a joy of mine to see Yuna Yang walk out after the finale of the show, her graceful smile and genuine actions outwardly express her kind character, which is a rarity in the fashion industry. Guess I will have to patiently wait for September to arrive so I can relive the elegance and see her smiling face again 🙂  
Until next time, always be kind.
Erica xx

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