Life is so funny because you will literally go from one extreme to the next without even knowing. I recently went from dating a 50-year-old man (maybe child-man) to dating a 23-year-old boy and I can honestly say both have taught me great lessons. I’m appreciative of this because I have a huge appreciation for self-awareness, and a part of me truly felt that the latter relationship was necessary to bring me back to the middle of the playground.

I used to think it was necessary for me to date older with having a child, for a while, this was my reality. But after my last break-up of dating older, I seriously thought why am I putting up with someone who doesn’t believe in my dreams or my goals in life? Then the next thing happens, and I’m catching feelings for a 23-year-old, imagine that!? I’m stunned just like you, (sitting over here like wtf?) but it happened. Personally, I think it was because he could care less about anything, but at the end of the day, we both knew nothing was coming from the relationship.

However, I think God places people in our lives to help us get past certain conflicts, and I now no longer feel like I have to date older. I am honestly fine on my own and it has taken me a long time to get here, but I am finally there.  

I can genuinely say that I enjoy my life alone. Coming home to my apartment, my son, my dog, my work, my life. My life. Doing whatever I want when I want, is exhilarating, and the goals I have in mind for myself only make it that much better. I do for me now without any worries of how it is going to affect someone else. Granted, if someone were to fall into place that fit into my picture, I wouldn’t be opposed, but it would have to be a pretty perfect fit. 

I feel like in this current era that we live in the female movement is only going to continue to grow. More of us are going to wake up and realize we can do everything on our own, and if we want a man in the picture then it’s optional at that point. There is no longer this Cinderella picture of a prince charming saving a woman. Women are saving themselves and pushing for equality that is rightfully deserved.

So for all the women out there striving to do their own thing, I am there with you, and support all of your endeavors. It takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there and stand up for what your heart feels like it deserves. I would personally like to mention Catt Sadler, former E! Entertainment News host, who quit her job (that she loved) due to finding out that she was making four times less than her male counterpart.

It is remarkable women like her and other female business owners (and let’s not forget Oprah) that motivate me to keep pushing forward. I probably sound like a huge feminist at this point, but I’ve had a couple vodka drinks and I’m jamming out to Rihanna right now, so my female empowerment voice is 110% in this current moment. Mic dropping at this point to all my badass boss babes! xx  Until next time.

Always be kind,

Erica xx  

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