When it comes to moving forward in life and getting past all the stresses that it brings, there are a few things I do particularly to allow my brain not to think and just do.

  1. I listen to Latin music. It’s upbeat and gives me happy vibes. I don’t always know what the hell they are saying, but I like it for that reason. It allows my energy to just tune into the vibes of the music without correlating the words to any specific memory or particular feelings about current situations in my life. 
  2. I listen to Classical music or Jazz in the mornings. It’s a great continuation of calmness after meditation, especially in the mornings. 
  3. I read motivational books that focus my energy only on positive thoughts. I only read self-improvement or motivational books. I’ve never been able to get into fiction books, I have been that way my whole life. Besides, “50 Shades of Gray”. I will admit it, I read the first two books within a week and then found the third to be too boring to continue. (Whatever though, right? All the good stuff was in the first two anyway.)
  4. I write in a journal. I try to do this daily because I view it as my way of talking with God. But regardless, I still have those calm conversations in my head, thanking God for everything good and bad in my life. Journaling is probably the best thing a person can do for themselves. There is nothing like going back and re-reading such specific thoughts of yours from a day in your life 5 years ago. It makes you appreciate and realize your progress, even if you don’t feel like you are where you should be today. It helps to prove to yourself that you are progressing toward your long-term goals.  
  5. Staying in the present and appreciating everything as it is at the current moment. There is nothing I love more than watering my plant that I’ve managed to keep alive for 4 years now. (I know, pretty impressive, right?) Or as I’m cleaning my place, I have such appreciation for it to be called “my home”. Or as I am watching a show with my son, I am thankful for that moment just because we are healthy, well and most importantly together and happy.

So many of us allow our minds to get consumed with thoughts that warp our realities. I always say to train your mind, because it really can play tricks on you. It can be the cause of our own disappointment and paranoia by creating untruthful thoughts or fantasies. As well as it being our own worst enemy by placing self limiting expectations on ourselves out of fear. We are all blessed with a purpose, but we have to learn to peel back the delicate layers and quiet the mind to listen. 

Meditation is crucial for a healthy well-being. Just sitting silent and listening to the flow of air come in and out of your lungs and really connecting with your inner energy peels back a layer of the mind every time. For me, I always get answers in my moment of silence. If you ask for answers they will come, I promise. They might not come right away, but they will come.

We all commonly share one trait and that is we are all connected by our energy within this universe, so it’s best to put some focus on your state of mind and make sure your aura is a good one. Stay in control of when your brain must think and when it’s not supposed to because generally with the latter is when we tend to create our own self-disturbances by overthinking or dwelling on a certain circumstance. Try to focus on just doing instead of thinking 🙂 

Until next time, always be kind.

Erica xx



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