How to Make Home Organization a Habit and Make Your Home More Relaxing

When your home is a mess, your entire life is going to feel like it’s a mess, too. You’ll have a harder time relaxing and a more difficult time staying focused, and every task you take on is going to feel impossible. Start developing some good home organization and cleaning habits, and you’ll enjoy the time you spend at home much more.

Develop some healthy habits

Even if you only spend 20 minutes a day cleaning and decluttering, it will make a huge difference. Start getting your house more organized, and you’ll start feeling better.

Set aside 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before you get ready for bed at night for cleaning and decluttering. In the morning, take 10 minutes to sort the mail or put away that pile of stuff. Find a place for everything and put everything in its place. Take the time to clean up your desk and other areas where items build up. Most importantly, make your bed. Walking into a bedroom with a messy bed will immediately have a negative impact. Seeing a neat, fresh-looking bed is a sure way to put a smile on your face.

In the evening, do a quick run-through. Take 10 minutes to dust, lint-roll fabrics, and sweep or vacuum. You’ll be surprised by how much you can get done in 10 minutes, and you’ll feel more satisfied with yourself.

Do some serious decluttering

How long does it take you to find a specific piece of paper, find something to eat, or get a hold of that one clothing item? If it takes you longer than two minutes, you need to do some serious decluttering.

Start with some common-sense organization solutions. Simple shoeboxes become storage shelving nooks when you set them upright against a wall. Instead of getting a file organizer, repurpose shelf brackets. Spray-paint them and nail them to a plywood board so they stand upright, and you’ve got a DIY file organizer.

Get some screw-in hooks and put them everywhere. Add hooks to the bottom of shelves, to the inside of cabinets, to the walls of your closet, and to the inside of doors. Store kitchen items, clothing accessories, and anything else that’s always so hard to find.

When your home is less cluttered, your mind will feel a lot less cluttered, too.

Make your home feel more relaxing

You don’t need a scientific study to know that unpleasant smells have a negative effect. Make your entire home feel better by making it smell better. Use scent diffusers to make your home smell pleasant, and it will a positive effect on you, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Add a few plants to improve air quality. Plants constantly recycle air to fill the atmosphere with fresh oxygen. Put some small pots on a sunny windowsill, and you’ll notice a big difference.

Don’t neglect your spring-cleaning

Take a weekend every spring do so some real spring-cleaning. Clean your windows inside and out, vacuum or mop thoroughly under all your furniture, and reorganize your drawers and closets. Take everything out of your cabinets and wipe your cabinets clean. You only have to spring-clean once a year to keep your home looking better overall, according to Martha Stewart.

Make tidiness part of your routine

When you come home at the end of a long day, don’t drop your keys, shoes, and clothes just anywhere. All that junk will end up weighing on your mind. Instead, take a few minutes to put things away properly. Give everything an assigned spot and put it there instead of putting it off.

Taking just a few minutes to declutter your home will make you feel better, and it will give you the chance to relax and enjoy yourself. You’ll be able to relax with the knowledge that everything is in its place, and you’ve earned the right to enjoy yourself. Make home organization a daily habit, and your home will be the place you want to be.


Alice Robertson began her career in the home organization industry as a professional house cleaner. After cleaning and organizing her clients’ homes for years, she decided to open her own home organization business. Over the years, she has built an impressive client list, helping to make spaces in homes and businesses more functional. She recently created as a place to share the great cleaning and organizing advice she has developed over the years.

Photo credit: Pexels

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