If you struggle with sleeping then this post is for you…


As an insomniac, I have taken prescription medicine over the last five years to help me fall asleep. I have tried a numerous amount of times to get off the prescriptive sleeping aids, but nothing ever worked quite as well as the “drugs” did (go figure, lol).

But friends, that is all past tense now. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity given by Swanwick to test out their new Diamond Swannies for sleep. For the past week, I have been using the Swanwick glasses and I’m being 100% honest when I say I can now fall asleep with just 5mg of Melatonin and wearing my Swannies just one hour before the time I would like to be asleep.


I never thought wearing a pair of orange tinted glasses before bed would be my solution to my sleeping problems, but it makes sense.


My work is all done from my phone or laptop, my exposure to blue light produced from the computer and phone screens is at an all-time high. Even though I’ve had the nighttime display option set on my iPhone to turn on at 8 pm for the past year now, it never really made a noticeable difference.

When I wear the Swanwick Sleep glasses an hour before bed my eyes literally begin to feel so heavy I can’t even keep them open. Yawn after yawn begins to roll in and I’m like this is a blessing! Sam, Head of PR at Swanwick, you don’t even know how much of an angel you are for sending me a pair to try, thank you so much!

Friends, these glasses are affordable and are available to purchase starting today!! An investment of only $89 for better sleep “naturally” is a no-brainer to me. Click the image below to get yourself a pair! Plus, they would make a great Christmas present to anyone who is on electronics a lot! I’m pretty sure they will thank you 100 times over after using them.

Until next time, always be kind.

Erica xx



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