As we recognize Earth Day, may we also take time to acknowledge how the COVID-19 crisis could be Mother Nature’s wake-up call to the human species.

As Gary Zukav said best in his #1 NY Times best-selling book, The Seat of the Soul, “Our species is no longer humble. We take from the Earth and from each other. We destroy forests, oceans and our atmosphere.”


It’s unfortunate that so many lives have been lost and continue to be lost, but while lives are being lost, a very divided humanity seems to be coming back together. No one knows what life will be like after the COVID-19 crisis ends, but one thing is for sure, it’s a second chance for humanity to reconnect to our true purpose here on Earth.


If you look closely with appreciation at the evolution of our species at what we have accomplished in just the last 100 years alone, it is truly incredible. We are the only species on earth with a brain equipped with self-awareness and the ability to question things and seek further understanding of universal laws and fundamental elements that provide the genetic make-up of our world. However, for decades now, we have been spiraling out of control with only monetary gains as our primary purpose. We have, whether unconsciously or not, continued to build an imaginary barrier between ourselves and the natural world of our origin.


We have completely disregarded the needs of our planet destroying forests, oceans, our own atmosphere and the biodiversity of our planet for nothing more than materialistic greed. Have you ever taken the time to look at how long the endangered species list is, yet alone the countless species that are already extinct? (Click here to learn current statistic about current endangered species and here for 24 amazing animals that are almost extinct.)


Not only did we lose compassion for other living species, we sadly have lost sight of it for our own and our future generations. We have the singularly incredible ability to imagine life and existence on the planet far beyond the span of our own individual lives. Yet we continued to ignore the SCIENCE. For years, we have had scientific data screaming at us to change our ways, yet our government leaders have ignored it, because they are driven by only capital gains in a materialistic society. We have got to come out better on the other side of COVID-19 by being more AWARE. Recognizing our faults and how are behaviors and consumption patterns are affecting global warming, resulting to our own eventual demise as a species on Earth.


COVID-19 came for a reason, and I truly believe it was to teach our governments to listen more to the SCIENCE and the DATA that surrounds us on rapid global climate change. Which suggests we have less than a decade to reduce our carbon emissions by 45% before catastrophic events play out and permanently damage our oxygen levels—way more than COVID-19. We have to acknowledge that during one month of China being locked down their carbon emissions were reduced by 25%. COVID-19 is our history’s surreal and grim moment for change. A change that is for the better good of all of humanity, especially our younger generations. I find irony in everything about the novel corona disease, our elders are getting hurt the most and people are gasping, dying to breath in air to survive. Exactly what our future generations will be doing  when there is not enough oxygen left on our planet.



Scientific data suggests we have less than a decade to drastically reduce our carbon emissions in order for us to not experience irreversible climate effects that leave us with little to no oxygen permanently. Surely, we can strike a balance between present day self-fulfillment and an empathetic consideration for those surely to come after us. I hope Earth Day becomes a true celebration for many over the years to come. We truly do live in the most beautiful, yet fragile, planet in our galaxy. Let’s all do our best to do our personal contributions to help Earth: recycle, plant trees (if you have the land), stop using single use plastics, exercise your voice to help stop production of single use plastics and deforestation, buy electric cars (if you have the means), repurpose clothing and move away from fast fashion. We can only move forward by learning from our faults and then doing better.


Happy Earth Day to our beautiful planet! May we all show it more appreciation and respect for its biodiversity in the years to come.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all as we navigate through these difficult times together.

God Bless

-Erica Deligne

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