We have a beautiful gift within all of us. There is a magic that infiltrates our entire being.

It’s a hard idea to grasp for many because of the way our society exists. The systems in place have diminished our true essence of being. What I mean by that is that we truly limit ourselves by believing in the system and settle with the acceptance of this is how life is supposed to be. We limit our belief in what we are actually capable of achieving. What we refer to as God/Universe/source energy, (you know the big almighty upstairs that holds this whole universe together) is the same force that brings life to us, that triggers us to take a breath, that gives us our inner intuition and creativity. But unfortunately, society doesn’t really encourage creative solutions and starting at around the age of 10 we begin to enter our “system” which unquestionably limits our creative thinking and visual imagination—our magic to co-create with God. We begin to lose sight of the essence of inspiration within ourselves.


As God said we were born to create. Creation of the Universe is God’s work.

When we look back to the evolution of the Universe, we know it began some 13 billion years ago and it started with just a small dot, commonly referred to as the big bang theory in science. Well, in quantum physics we know that particles don’t just create more particles, so someone had to create the initial atomic force within that dot of particles. Our entire existence of this Universe is from a higher source power that is unknown to all of us, and like many, I like to refer to this power as God. We are all children of God; the magic is within us and it is patiently waiting for us to return to love and inspiration. Because when we are inspired, we are living in spirit. We are joyful and loving.


We live in an era now, where I think a shift in humanity is occurring to seek out a better way to live. A more spiritual way of living. Turning inward and manifesting a life that you are inspired by, not a life dictated by what our society thinks you should be or how you should live. God wanted us to thrive on Earth, to experience the pleasures of physical touch, what it’s like to hold someone in your arms, to hug our pets, to taste amazing things, to smell wonderful aromas, to experience the valleys of pain and the marvelous peaks of love, to do what ignites your spirit. Because in Heaven, everything is already perfect. And our spirit that gives life to our physical form here on Earth are just orbs of perfected energy in heaven. So, when you hear the statement, learn to live life and appreciate all the simple daily joys it has to offer, truly grasp the concept of this physical existence and know that it won’t last forever.


Being present to the small joys and being willing to take risks is how we were truly meant to live.

Our lives are supposed to be a life full of manifesting what we want, but you have to take risks in order to accomplish that. Turning your ideas and what you want into reality, takes a lot of faith, dedication and will. A faith in knowing that God is with you and a will, that is your spirit, working with the Universe’s energies to co-create.  You were born to live a life of your dreams, not one to worry about making more money to attain more things. What’s the point in that? You will die from this physical world without being able to take anything with you. Why should you feel stuck and obligated to attain more things, when really you should be exploring what inspires you, what ignites you, what makes you dance.

When you live a life that feels like it’s Groundhogs day everyday then you are stuck in the mundane cycle of just existing and have lost sight of the spirit within you. Living should be defined as sharing enriched experiences with your soul. It’s never too late to change the way you live, God blessed us with enormous adaptable skillsets, so if you want to start living—as they always say—where there is a will, there is a way. Imagine a new chapter for yourself and create it, God will be beside you 100% of the way.


Sending you lots of light and love to all of you, beautiful souls. May your magic shine brightly.


Erica Deligne


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