Truth. We all search for it in one shape or another and I think we can all agree that we value any friend,  mentor, partner or family member who recognizes the essence of our Being.


The Truth which I speak of is the foundation upon which we are made. God created us from his Truth and when we were born, we were 100% connected to his love. We knew not of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, shame, hatred or guilt. We only had curiosity for our new life as we know it. As babies, we thrived on learning things, touching things and held onto a sense of wonderment and joy. Most of us still thrive on the beauty of our world and more importantly laughter, but our joy for the natural world has dissipated just by living.


You see, life is really meant to be a creative process for each of us, specifically for your soul. We all have different purposes and passions but not all of us can easily find our purpose. Sure, not all of us are born into the same circumstances, but all of us are equal at birth and born with a purpose. However, somewhere during our childhood we lose sight of that equality and curiosity that is supposed to lead us to our Divine mission.


During our early adolescent years is when we begin suppressing our spirit with comparison. We begin focusing more on what’s outside of us rather than within us, (partly to blame on the systems we have in place) we diminish our creative spirits with consuming thoughts of the material world and the opinions of others.


What if you just didn’t care what people thought of you? How differently would you live your life? How different of a person would you be today?


We lose sight of the small joys because our internal dialogue with our inner being switches to a conversation with our ego (which is a false belief of who we think we are). When comparison begins it’s because we chose to focus on materialism rather than our Truth. “I’m not cool enough. I’m not as pretty as her. I’m not skinny enough. If only I had more muscle. My home isn’t as nice as theirs,” etc. Trust me when I say I am guilty of all those comparisons, we all are.


Comparison 100 percent robs us from our joy. Quite honestly, I think there needs to be a requirement in our high school education system where self-love, equality and meditation are taught. It’s our birthright to know these things.  A 40-minute period during school where children can focus on their inner being, silence their thoughts, weed out the negative emotions from separation and recenter their intention on positive affirmations is something I think all generations can extremely benefit from, and quite frankly, our whole world.


When we are in alignment with spirit we are inspired and conncected, but we have to feel good in order to get there, because our Creator only knows love. He knows nothing about the negative emotions we have inflicted upon ourselves due to the separation from his Truth. He only patiently waits for us to tune back into our foundational being, which is Love. When we hit rock bottom there is a reason why so many of us turn inward and begin soul searching. There is nothing left in the outside, material world that is going to give us the love that our soul yearns for. When we reconnect to love, we choose to see life through the lens of spirit. A world of Oneness with our Creator, where all things are equal and possibilities are endless.


We were born to create in harmony. In fact, humans are the only species on the planet that actually have the ability to materialize creation from their own thoughts and ideas.  When we are creating, we are inspired, and when we are inspired, we are in spirit. Thoughts and forces within us that have been dormant come alive that we never knew existed. This is our Truth. Creation. We harness the same creative power as the Creator himself, because this is how he willed it to be. All we have to do is tune into it.


As Carl Jung said, “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”


Sending you lots of love and light, beautiful souls.


-Erica Deligne


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