Many of us live our day to day lives unaware of our own self-sabotaging. We don’t intentionally sabotage ourselves but it’s our way of thinking that does and what we give power to without even realizing it. I think everyone’s goal in life is just to feel GOOD and be at peace with ourselves. And we start by casting away the negative emotions that keep us in chains and hold us back from being our highest self. Here are nine steps that I have found most helpful in unblocking my own inner peace:

1. Stop allowing past situations to define you in the present.

We have all made mistakes, forgive the thoughts and actions that were made and move forward with an understanding of the lesson that was intended in that moment. (Guilt is nothing but a wasted emotion and prevents us from attracting better things into our lives.)


2. Allow forgiveness to those who have done you wrong.

Release the negative emotions of resentment and anger. When we allow these emotions to enter, they hold power over us by allowing the actions of others to dictate how we feel. Holding onto resentment and hatred for other people’s actions is a reflection of your ego, not them.


3. Stop sabotaging the joy in your life.

Stop limiting yourself to thinking that you are undeserving of good things. You deserve to be recognized. You deserve to have downtime. You deserve that job or promotion. You are deserving of this relationship. You ARE deserving of it ALL.


4. Know your worth and start asking for what you want.

If a situation doesn’t settle well with you, then speak up. I get that speaking up for yourself takes a lot of courage and sometimes confrontation, but if you don’t do it, then we become consumed by thoughts of reliving that moment wishing that we had said something for ourselves. When we take action in the present we prevent ourselves from negative emotions later on.


5. Stop placing judgment on yourself and others.

I know this one is hard because our egos have almost made it like second nature to judge. But when you do, forgive the thought and remind yourself that you are love and so is your brother or sister that you just judged. Remember that you were created from love and it is the foundation of which we are all made. When we see the truth, we realize that all of us just want to feel loved with purpose. (Judgment is the number one emotion that has separated our brothers and sisters into enslavement of comparison, diminishing the olive branches to one another in our society.)


6. Allow an hour of your day to be in silence.

Whether you sit and meditate or take a walk in nature, only in silence do we deepen our spiritual awareness and connect to the divine power that is within us. We see and hear things differently in silence, because silence is the only thing in our physical world that cannot be divided. A time well spent is in a moment of silence with our Creator, it allows us to see the truth of spirit.


7. Choose your circle wisely.

Your tribe should reflect the energy you wish to attract into your life. I think it’s only natural that as you get older your circle of friends becomes smaller. As we advance toward a better well-being, we are able to recognize the people and situations that no longer serve us. We become aware of good energy vs. bad energy and we begin to align ourselves with good hearted people that only have best intentions in mind for us. (If you have a friend that always wants to gossip, chances are they will probably gossip about you to someone else.)


8. Do yourself a favor and take a break from social media.

Allow your phone to be on “do not disturb” for a couple of hours of the day. Cherish the present moments and consume yourself with loving on your kids, your pets, yourself, you name it. The more we are in tuned with what’s going around us in the present moment, the less we regret later in life. Truly being present, is the awareness to appreciate what you have NOW and not taking it for granted.


9. And last but not least, learn to say no.

Stop saying yes to be a people pleaser. If you really don’t want to do something, say it. Don’t make up excuses, be honest about it. Just say I’d really rather not and this is why… Being honest with yourself and owning it unapologetically is OK. It’s clarity and freedom at the same time.



I hope you find these nine steps helpful. Personally, when I was able to accomplish these steps in my life, I was able to build a stronger appreciation for myself and my inner guidance. I feel empowered now when I take action and make decisions that align with the best intentions of my well-being. Because feeling good, really means to feel God, and when we feel good we are able to extend love to others.


Thank you for stopping by and spending time with me today. Sending lots of love and light to you, beautiful soul.

May your day be filled with Miracles,

-Erica Deligne

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