I recently came across a video on Instagram where a social friend of mine talked about how our perception is our projection into this world. How we choose to perceive situations and events becomes the energy we choose to project out. I caught myself saying “yaaas’ while she was talking like four times and I was so thankful that she put that message out into the world, because there are so many of us who rely on our ego’s perception instead of what’s true.


How we interpret everyday situations really comes down to how much we value ourselves and love ourselves.


A lot of people don’t realize that they are the cause of their own misery. I always like to refer back to one of my favorite books, The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama, because it’s such an eye opener for how we allow our egos to distort our minds. We all have unfortunately suffered from our ego. Believing in false claims of the person who we perceive ourselves to be, which either makes us feel entitled or undeserving to certain things in our lives. Either way this perception is wrong. We are all sons and daughters born from love and equality by our Creator.


We are a creation of God (the universe, whoever your Creator is) and the intention behind creating us was to extend spirit and love. But we have separated ourselves from this Knowledge when we gave power to our ego. When we view life through the lens of our ego, we rely solely on ourselves and believe we are alone in this process. A belief that if life doesn’t work out the way we wanted, it’s because we didn’t work hard enough or we didn’t do it right. We start projecting blame and doubt. We begin to compare ourselves to our brothers and sisters and feel this void of not being whole because we stopped centering our intention around spirit. Our whole perception of the world has become distorted because we disconnected ourselves from our purpose which is love and creation. If we actually took the time to sit in silence and refocus our intention from material success to inner peace we would collectively raise humanity’s energy levels by enlightening one another as each of us experienced higher levels of consciousness through peace, joy and happiness.


When we are disconnected we allow fear, doubt and insecurities to consume us. We forget what it’s like to live life through the lens of love and spirit. When did we start to not feel worthy of good things to happen in our lives? That’s all God ever really intended for us while here in the physical realm. But we feel completely undeserving of feeling good because we allow our ego to converse with us and it interprets interactions based on fear. If you had a way of knowing who walked beside you everyday, you would never allow fear or doubt to enter your mind again, because you would know that you are a part of that same higher power. Eventually, all of us will come to a crosspoint where we realize that a focus on spirituality is needed in order to thrive how our Creator intended. We must rewire our brains to interpret what is true, which is the spirit within us, and place resistance on the ego.


I’m here to tell you that there is a whole spiritual world that is invisible to the human eye. And trust me when I say that you are never alone. God never intended for us to ever feel alone, in fact he can’t even comprehend it when we feel unworthy. What’s happened to our spirituality is that the physical world has consumed our minds and we have forgotten that we are a spiritual entity living in human form. Our bodies are our temples for spirit and should be viewed as our means of transportation while here on Earth. However, somewhere along the lines of history, we divided ourselves from spirit, allowing us to feel unworthy and lose sight of our purpose.


Our mind and spirit are one with God and we harness that power within us. But many of us need rewiring in our brains so that we can reconnect to the side of spirit within us. Love is truly all that is needed in this world. When we come from a place of knowing that we are loved in every imaginable way possible, that love extends out from us to others and it originates from our Creator, who I like to call God. When love empowers the mind, body and spirit we are able to trust in the process and have confidence in ourselves because we know we can rely on the higher power that resides within us all. We become aware that there is spiritual guidance available to us and that there is Universal energy working in our favor behind the scenes. We begin to understand that everything living and non-living in the Universe is interconnected and when we have this correct perception we are able to project more love and compassion into this world, for we understand that we are in this world but not of this world. We are a part of a much larger system that can only begin to be understood with Divine intelligence.


We all want more Divine guidance and in order for that to happen we have to silence our egos. It is true doing less is more, because when we over work ourselves we don’t allow down time for the mind. Downtime and silence are the two most important concepts for us to comprehend if we want to fully understand what inner peace looks like. And we must allow it for ourselves daily. There is a reason why people who live in third world countries are some of the happiest people on Earth. They are immersed with nature and cherish the spirit that gives life. Their minds are not as distracted as first world citizens, nor are they consumed by comparison like first world citizens are with material wealth. They embrace nature and are the definition of love in action to all things because their perceptions are synergistic with nature.



Below I want to give some examples of how easily we can get out of alignment with spirit by letting our egos create false perceptions on daily interactions, which in turn place wrongful projections onto ourselves and result to more negative energy into the world. (The ego will always react in a negative manner.)


  • When in traffic and someone is tail ending your car, you let their actions offend you. Why?
  • When someone doesn’t text back, you get offended and negatively jump to a series of reasons why.
  • When someone doesn’t react the way we want them to, we start placing doubt on ourselves and project insecurities into other daily interactions.
  • When we are not treated with respect we let that person’s actions question our worth and value, when really it is a reflection of themself and not you.
  • When we find out someone has talked about us behind our back we feel betrayed and not good enough. We over analyze the situation to where it diminishes our light in interactions with others, when in reality it is only a reflection of the other person’s insecurities-not yours. It never had anything to do with you, but our ego lets us believe it has everything to do with us.
  • When we don’t get the job we start to think we aren’t good enough for something better, when in fact it’s just God’s way of saying it isn’t the right job for you and to be patient.
  • When we allow ourselves to argue we let it consume us and replay the scenario in our head for days, wishing how we would have reacted.
  • When we look at others and compare ourselves we value ourselves less by focusing on what we think we lack, when in fact we don’t lack anything at all, only love for ourselves.


There are so many daily situations where our egos get the best of us, the list could go on and on, but you can see how easily this way of thinking compounds over the years and we completely lose sight of the spirit within us. What we need to start doing is learning how to be a witness to daily interactions and allow ourselves the choice to perceive it with ego or spirit. Anytime someone places judgment on you it is 100% a reflection of them and not you, but we allow our egos to interpret the situation as a ME problem. Another situation, when someone cuts us off in traffic we allow ourselves to get offended, why do we do that? We honk our horn and then nine times out of 10 the person who cuts us off ends up flipping us off in their rearview mirror, pissing us off even more. Why do we welcome more of that energy to consume us when it isn’t even our energy to begin with?


There are people on a daily basis who look for things to get offended by and it has everything to do with how much they let their ego run their life. We can prevent these false interpretations by becoming more spiritually aligned and aware of how we choose to react either with ego or spirit. And the only way we can start building the foundation of awareness and Knowledge of our spiritual identity is through silence and meditation. When we meditate we reconnect to our infinite source and we start to see things from a different perspective. Spirit begins to take over the ego. As Dr. Wayne Dyer always said, “change your thoughts, change your life” and it’s true. The energy you put out into the world will be what is reflected back to you, and the more positive that energy is the more aligned you are with the the universal energy that resides within all things, which is love.


Be love in action.


Thank you for joining me today here on Delightfully Deligne. You can find me on Instagram or Facebook for daily postings, would love to connect! Sending you lots of love and positive light, beautiful souls.


Erica Deligne










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