The older I get the more I strive for my skin to look supremely hydrated. You know how your skin looks immediately after receiving a Hydrafacial- that dewy look is what I strive for daily. And if you’ve never had a Hydrafacial before, I highly recommend trying it out at Dr. Amy Vaughan Dermatology (if local). After the facial, your skin literally feels invigorated with hydration and every single unclogged pore is now able to breathe in the fresh air.


Regardless of how great a HydraFacial really is, it’s not feasible for us to get one everyday. So I have found the perfect solution with three amazing products to prep your face for that dewy glow on the daily in three easy steps:


Serucell Face Serum for dewy, glowing skin

Serucell Face Serum

The Serucell serum is the first in the beauty industry to address the signs of aging underneath your skin with its KFS Cellular Protein Complex. A scientific approach to caring for your skin, the KFS Complex increases the cellular communication between the bottom layer of the skin and the top layer, working “Under the Skin” to increase collagen production and improve the skin’s elasticity. Makes sense right??

But it doesn’t stop there, when I say this is an all-in-one serum, it truly is. Not only does Serucell have the KFS Complex, but it also has retinol and growth factors making it a serum that strips and repairs all at once. 

This product will plump, smooth, firm and brighten your skin. I started noticing results in between the first and second week of using this product and for a year now it continues to be my master serum. I have tried a lot of  different facial serums (professional grade and over-the-counter) but this one is truly the only serum that has been able to improve my skin’s texture. All serums are designed to improve overall tone, brightness and appearance, but many lack the ability to actually improve the skin’s texture. Therefore, I will always put Serucell on every morning and night before any other product.


STEP 2 for dewy glowing skin is SK-II Skin Balancing Essence

SK-II Skin Balancing Essence


SK-II Facial Treatment is literally a game changer when it comes to giving an instant hydrated look to your overall skin’s tone and texture. It’s a powerful treatment to visibly soften texture, reduce the appearance of dark spots and fine lines due to dryness, even the look of skin’s tone, and enhance visible radiance. It feels exactly like water and place four to five drops in the palm of one hand, then rub my hands together and pat the treatment onto my face and neck. Let the essence completely dry before going onto third step.



Step Three to dewy, glowing skin is Supergoop Glow Screen SPF 40

Supergoop! Glow Screen


Supergoop! Glow Screen is my best friend, I don’t go anywhere without it! This product is a hydrating, makeup-gripping primer with SPF 40 and blue-light protection that has a pearlescent finish to leave skin luminous with an instant glow. Plus, the cost is very feasible for everyone at $36 a tube. Considering it instantly transform dull skin into a glowing, radiant appearance–I’d say that’s a steal.


By doing these three steps I can comfortably go out of the house without any makeup on and still feel confident in my skin. But these products are also what I apply to my face daily to prep my skin before applying any makeup, the three together are a perfect balance and will not cause foundation or CC cream to ball up when applying. Hallelujah, right? See below for the final pic after applying all three.

Dewy, Hydrate Skin Care

Dewy, hydrated, glowing skin


Hope you guys try these products out for yourself–I promise you won’t regret the results!



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