I always get asked, “Why did you choose not to reconstruct?”

It’s a personal decision for every woman, but at the end of the day—for me— I knew I just wanted to feel normal again as quick as possible.Some call it intuition or divine guidance, but I knew in my gut that I would regret reconstruction. Not fully knowing how my body would react or the discomfort and restrictions it would place on my every day way of life was just something I wasn’t willing to risk.
The more I learn about life, I quickly realize that only one thing matters, and that’s your Peace from within while on this journey. Love your body for what it is, a miraculous machine that does not define you but provides you a beautiful experience while here with vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Too many of us take these simple pleasures for granted.

With that being said, here are the reasons why I chose not to reconstruct:

Reconstructing your breasts is not the same as going and getting breast implants. It’s a series of multiple procedures using expanders to expand the remaining tissue that’s left after a double mastectomy. Then another surgery is needed for breast implantation.

I knew I wanted to return to my normal state of being as quickly as possible. Mentally, having a foreign object in my body would prevent me from feeling that state of normalcy.

The research out on breast implant illness is alarming. I was not willing to put my body at risk and my mental well-being just to meet society standards.

The human body is a miraculous machine. I view my body as my mode of transportation while here, not as something that defines who I am.

I researched and joined groups on FB to learn about other women’s stories. 1 out of 3 women will suffer from reconstruction complications. I read their stories and felt their pain. Many of which had no choice but to finally go flat after so many complications.

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Sending all of you love and light always!

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