I had the pleasure of wrapping up Breast Cancer Awareness month with @justinere from @ny1 this week. Our interview highlighted the need for more education to be presented to women who face breast cancer surgery and as well as more flat visibility in fashion.  



Over the last two years I have openly shared my story as a flat woman. Women from all over the world have asked me questions and shared their stories with me. When listening to their stories I quickly realized that their stories shared a common denominator: Doctors are not presenting ALL options to women when it comes to breast cancer surgery. 

Every woman deserves to make an educated decision, whether it’s to go flat or to reconstruct—the choice is theirs.

Thankfully my surgeon was supportive and did not give resistance when I brought going flat to the table. However, unfortunately, this has been the story for so many other women.  When I hear stories from women saying their doctors steered them away from going flat and now suffer from constant discomfort or reconstruction complications, it’s honestly hard to provide the words of comfort.

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer need to be their own patient advocate and fully understand the risks that are involved with the reconstruction process as well as breast implant illness. 

One out of every three reconstruction cases have complications and one out of 20 fail, leaving women with no choice but to go flat. 

With the evidence out now on breast implant illness, combined with the fact that breast cancer became the leading global cancer in 2021, more women are going to be faced with these difficult decisions. 

It’s time for more flat visibility to help normalize flat chested survivors and for it to be recognized as a healthy option that women can choose when they don’t want to take on the risks of reconstructing their breasts. 


Sending healing energy of light and love to all of you, especially to my breast cancer survivors and thrivers.




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