I recently posted this workout picture to my stories on Instagram mentioning how it was my first workout after my two day water fast for cellular autophagy. I received so many messages asking me about cellular autophagy that I decided to create a post for all to read. 

After surviving breast cancer in 2021, I became consumed with learning more about the body and how it functions on the cellular level for optimal health. I discovered biohacker Gary Brecka who is well known for being “The Ultimate Human” and it is through him that I learned about the benefits of a 2-5 day water fast. 

During these fasts, autophagy is induced by stressing your cells into survival mode and your body begins to remove and replace damaged cell components, thereby preventing cancer initiation, according to Salk Institute scientists. 

Cancer cells are driven by two major components, glucose and glutamine. New research has proven that when you water fast and starve the cells of glucose you can actually shrink cancer tumors and remove precancerous cells in the body with autophagy.

According to Salk Institute scientists, “Autophagy is actually a safeguard against such cancerous growth. Without autophagy, cells that lose other safety measures, such as tumor-suppressing genes, advance to a crisis state of unchecked growth, rampant DNA damage—and often cancer.”

To read the full article on the new research being discovered at Salk Institute click here.

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