If everyday were Sunday, I’d be in heaven. I really try to make my Sundays about only relaxation, but life kicks in, and I’m swamped with a To-Do-List to page 10. Okay, maybe that’s an over exaggeration, but I stay pretty swamped. Could it be from my lack of time management? Possibly. I always think there is WAAAY more time than what there really is. It’s a fault in me. Thankfully, my boyfriend is an expert in time management. But, no matter how long my lists are or how tired I am, for me, church is a must on Sunday. I make it happen. Good things happen when you pray and thank God, so you should definitely make the time for him in return. 

Praying to him, for me, relieves stress– just like working out, but without the sweat! This sweatshirt by Peace Love World is one of my favorites. It’s a great transition item for Fall, because we all know it’s still too hot outside to toss in the shorts. This is the perfect sweatshirt to throw on for a slightly chilly evening by the fire pit, with a nice drink in hand, and good company to reminisce on moments. You know, those unforgettable moments of laughter with your friends…yeah those 🙂

Until next time. Always be kind,

Erica xx

All clothes available at Village Collection boutique, call 304-525-2204, they ship anywhere! If not local, shop the links below!

Peace Love World sweatshirt here   /   OneXOneTeaspoon similar here   /   Matt Bernson sandals here 


ALL images are by Mark Webb, Mark Webb Photography





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