Yuna Yang is one of those designers that I always try to see when I’m attending Fashion Week. I’ve covered her collections multiple times in the past (check out Fashion Week coverage from her AW 18 Collection here). She was one of the first designers I had the honor of seeing during my initial fashion week experience and to be able to witness how the Yuna Yang brand has grown over these last few years is truly amazing to witness.

One thing you can always count on from a Yuna Yang show is a killer nontraditional location every time. She’s held them in stately gardens and many other historic NYC locations with much interior character to be admired. As for the AW19 collection it was showcased in Rizzoli Bookstore which added to her usual fun of telling a great story with her latest designs. As fellow fashion enthusiasts and I sat amongst the stately shelves of books (there was a line around the block for the general admission!). I was instantly immersed in the experience as I always am. Yuna Yang is much like your favorite book that you pick up and read over and over. Just when you think you get a clear idea of what it is or represents, you are quickly surprised with another layer, another facet that leaves you fascinated and inspired.

This collection encompassed the desire for a world in which each person can be empowered and the protagonist to their own story. A world in which everyone’s respective lives, personalities, and happiness are not only valued but represented equally! The runway was full of diversity and size inclusive models rocking everything from textured, rich fabrics to vibrant prints. There was no shortage of complimentary design elements that included her signature feminine dresses to cargo utilitarian style pants.

Yuna Yang is a book I will always want to read. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds!

Until next time, always be kind.

E xx

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