Journaling can be a transformative experience for all of us. All we have to do is start…


As we get older we gain the capacity to reflect back on our lives. We begin to see the different stages at which we evolved to make us who we are today. If you begin to reflect during those pivotal stages, it is a turnkey to helping you grow into the person you are meant to be. Journaling is one of the most influential tasks a person can do each day to help you not only reflect, but also to realize where you want your life to be in the future. 

Journaling is something that everyone can do, but for some people it takes a life changing event to begin. For me, it was after I gave birth to my son at a young age of 24. I loved my son with all of my heart, but everything else around me changed. I realized I was now an adult. I had responsibilities that none of my friends could relate to and in a marriage that I did not see lasting. So I turned to writing.  

Journaling can be very therapeutic and is considered to be your time with God. Sharing your feelings and thoughts in silence on paper is a moment with the Divine realm. In silence, only, are we truly connected to our Creator and are able to obtain messages from Him. 

Some will ask, “What if I never had a life changing event?” For many it’s an accumulation of choices that have led them to be unhappy in life and they now yearn for something deeper. Inquiring about how to begin journaling is your life changing moment. It’s a wake up call. A realization that you long for something more or of greater purpose in life. If this resonates with you, then I am here to tell you that it’s never too late to create a life that you love. It’s the very essence of why you are here, is to live a life of joy. 

So, if you are not sure where or how to begin your journaling path, begin with these five steps below to get you started:

First, you have to get into the habit of writing and expressing your wishes.

I suggest for everyone to write five things they are grateful for each day and five things they want to accomplish. This helps you to identify the things in your life that bring you joy.

Secondly, it is important for you to identify what causes you to stress. Are the stress factors an outside source or an inside source?

An outside source would be a job, relationship, family, money etc. An inside source is your mind. Do you over analyze unimportant events? Assume outcomes that aren’t yet true? Break apart your actions and how you could have done something better? If a lot of these questions resonate with you, then I highly suggest you begin to read books on how to train your thoughts. A book I highly recommend everyone to read is “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Third, acknowledge that you have the ability to take action over the things that cause you stress. Ask for guidance in overcoming these stressors.

The Divine realm does not intervene with your free will, so you must ask. After asking, there is a communication channel that opens with you and your spirit guides (which can be past relatives, Archangels, or both).  Once this channel is open, it is very important for you to listen and be aware of events that go on around you for there are so many hidden messages that many of us overlook until we become more in-tune with our inner being. 

Fourth, trust the process. Know that you are where you are for a reason and that change is coming.

God can’t help you if you don’t know what you want for yourself and this is why journaling is so important—it helps you figure it out. Express your faith on paper and feel good about it. Know that you’re capable of all things and have Divinity within yourself to make all things possible. While you’re writing, ideas and visions will come to you to help guide your spirit in the right path. This starts the creative visualization process. You start to see yourself living a new and better life, increasing your energy vibrations to help attract it to you.

Fifth, understand that journaling and creative visualization go hand-in-hand.

Once you get into a routine of journaling, you begin to discover the life that you want for yourself. Feel free to write out how you see your future self and the life that you want to attract to you. Once you begin this process, you start taking action because your desires turn into motivation. You begin overcoming those stressors that were holding you back and identify ways to eliminate them. You begin to see opportunities that the universe blesses you with and take action in the present moment. And each action takes you a step closer to the life you want for yourself.


I can say these things confidently because it’s exactly how I created the life of my dreams. The more you are in tuned with spirit, the more you are guided to your path. Living a life of well-being and good intentions for all increases your vibrational energy and helps attract more good into your life. The problem with so many is that they don’t get to experience what vibrational energy is because they are so out of tuned with their inner being. Journaling gets you in tuned. Here are some of my favorite journals I have used over the years in case you are looking to get started 🙂

Super Attractor Journal

The Universe Has Your Back Journal

Personalizable Vision Journal

I wish you a powerful journey in journaling. <3

Always be kind,



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