The holiday season is here, so let the gift buying begin! And while it may look a little different this year, gift giving is still in the heart of all to spread some holiday cheer. Below are a variety of gift ideas for any special lady in your life, including a particularly great offer from Master Class. Buy One Annual Membership for $180 and receive another annual membership for FREE to gift to a friend. Master Class is an online educational platform where you can watch thousands of lessons and interviews by leading experts sharing their stories, skills, shortcuts, failures and successes in business, arts, entertainment, cooking and more.

Other great items are skincare in general. One product I highly recommend is the Serucell facial serum, which if you haven’t seen my latest article sharing my results from using this serum, I highly suggest you do here. It is a revolutionary serum backed by science and I promise you won’t regret your investment in this product. It is worth every penny of its retail price $225. Plus, Serucell is offering 20% OFF your purchase and customers also receive a free deluxe sample kit for their Black Friday promotion: use code BLACKFRIDAY2020. I’ve also linked a fabulous facial roller called the Esarora Ice Roller. This roller can be used for the face, eye puffiness, migraines and muscle pain relief on the neck, back, legs and arms. This roller is only $22 and I use it daily for multiple purposes.

For men reading this article (and if you are local near the Huntington area) I would also highly suggest purchasing a gift card from Dr. Amy Vaughan Dermatology. There is nothing more a woman loves better than treating herself to some Botox or filler, a facial, a chemical peel or a laser treatment. You name it, Amy Vaughan Dermatology has it all and you can purchase a gift card at any increment you would like by calling 304-733-3333.

Let’s face it, we are all spending a little more time at home these days, so skincare, plants and the Master Class series I thought were excellent gift ideas to help keep loved ones entertained during the winter season. Nothing gives me more joy than when I see one of my plants sprout a new leaf! The ones I have linked are easy to maintain. The Money Tree likes bright indirect sunlight and gets watered once a week. The Calathea Rattlesnake likes to be placed in a shaded area (no direct sunlight at all) and likes to be watered once a week as well.

Enjoy the holidays my friends and stay well! –Erica Deligne

***PS keep in mind these shipping deadlines when purchasing online or sending a card via mail in order to arrive on time:

December 15th: USPS Ground, UPS Ground, FedEx Ground

December 18th: First Class Mail  &  December 19th: Priority Mail

December 23rd: UPS Next Day Air, FedEx Overnight & Priority Mail Express



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